The Road (not) Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both…Robert Frost

At times the road taken seems for awhile to be the right one, only to discover it was possibly only a sidetrack. I’ve truly loved my time doing Lushes with Brushes but I realize now it may have been a very pleasant sidetrack from my real goal.

This month my artwork, along with my friend, Cheryl’s is on exhibition at
Cumberland Exhibitonthe Cumberland Art Gallery in Regina. Next month the exhibition moves to Weyburn, then other galleries throughout the province for the next year.

How surreal to see and feel my raw thoughts and emotions displayed for all to see, Phoenixhowever respectfully.  Mostly, the feedback has been gentle and supportive. I know too, that on occasion, I’ve connected on a deeper level.  My heart melts when I catch someone deep in thought as they look at what I made. Because I know how I felt when I made it and somehow I know that while I don’t know or need to know the specifics, they feel that way too. Maybe my story resonates with them, and if it does it’s because they have their own story. When they see mine, they feel theirs.

And while I love the gratification and teacher’s pride of showing people their creative side through Lushes with Brushes, I love more the connection I know is there buried in the open secret of my/our painting. That’s what I want to share.

So, while I won’t close up shop on Lushes with Brushes I will no longer promote it like a 3rd world beach vendor. My focus has come back to pouring heart and soul onto canvas and paper and oil and pastel and …

It’s been nearly 10 years since I earned my fine art degree, but for my whole life I will be an emerging artist. I’ll take other missteps but the further I go on my journey the more I understand that what I love about art is the connection that happens sometimes when someone “reads” my art the way I “wrote” it.


Published by artmyth

An Artist living in Creelman, Saskatchewan. Mythology of all cultures fascinates me.

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