about Imaginarium Aquarium

Psychology and art design both explain seeing images in random patterns. Pareidolia, in psychology, explains why we see animals in clouds. Gestalt, in art design, explains that the mind supplies the missing pieces in a composition to deal with a complex visual world.

This is my first collaboration with my granddaughter, Georgina Allan, 3. Together we painted the background, then looked for images. Pareidolia and gestalt might explain why, but we thought of it as seeing mermaids and dragons a deep ocean. As a controlling adult I have a nearly irresistible urge to pull out and describe every image I see, so I made some of them more obvious. But the longer I look, and resist , the more I get lost in the depths of possibility.

The title, refers to it’s aquatic feel, but also to it being a children’s version of think tank with no agenda. A place to jump into and swim around in possibilities. But no harm can come to you here. The aquarium is safely on a shelf in your mom and dad’s house. Childhood should be a safe place where your imagination is allowed to roam at will. A place where mermaids and dragons are scary fun, and never truly dangerous.

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