about Ragin’ Odin

Here the chief god of Norse mythology, Odin, thunders across his heavenly home of Asgard, on his eight legged steed, Sleipnir. Odin’s constant wolf companions race across the golden clouds beside him. The spear that never misses, Gungir, is clutched in his raised fist. The ravens, Huginn, thought, and Muginn, memory, circle overhead reporting information gathered from their daily flights all over the world.

Odin is the god of war, but also the god of wisdom, magic, poetry and prophecy. He sacrificed his eye in exchange for the wisdom of ages. J.R.R. Tolkein’s wizard character, Gandalf, was patterned after Odin.

The heavenly clouds are golden from their proximity to one of Odin’s three residences, Valhalla, the golden hall of the fallen. Strong female warriors called Valkyrie gather heroic warriors who fall in battle. The warriors reside in Valhalla preparing for the final doomsday battle led by Odin. The great hall has 540 golden gates allowing 800 warriors to exit at once for the wild hunts and for the final great battle. The doomsday battle will result in the deaths of Odin, one of his many sons, Thor, and his brother, Loki. The world will then be submerged in water, resurface, and be repopulated by two human survivors.

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