about Universal Witness

There’s a perception that God lives in the heavens somewhere above the clouds. Light escaping over the edges of the clouds implies His physical manifestation is too brilliant to be contained, and the sight would be too much for mortal senses. The rays, streaming so powerfully to earth, are God’s benevolent attention.

A recent trend refers to the “Universe” hearing and responding, almost another term for God without being tied to a defined religion. The vaporous nature of clouds further suggests the “there, but not there” nature of God. “God” is contained and defined by organized religions, but is limited by our understanding. You can’t get a cloud into a box.

Sun and clouds are the same the world over, silent witness to all events in the world. They’re a uniting force that implies the need to care for a larger neighbourhood than what we see by stepping outside our own door.

This piece is a “prayer”, if you will, a hope, for universal compassion. That’s all.

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