Work and Play

I’ve become impatient to get started my Seriously Whimsical project. What I get while I wait though, is the fun of to plotting and scheming and planning!
Everything I see and think becomes fodder for my whimsical gristmill. Excessive rain caused shelf mushrooms to sprout all over the tree stump in my son’s back yard. Cool!!
I pull out my travel sketchbook and draw the stump with mushrooms for future reference while my grandchildren jump around me. “You’re a good drawer, Grandma!” “Thanks Georgie, you’re a good climber”

“Do you want to play Play-Doh, Grandma?” “Do I?!” Ya!

Seriously Whimsical or Whimsically Serious

I’m excited. My “Phenomenal Reality” project has grown up and moved out of the house. It’s living it’s own life; seeing new people and places. It doesn’t really need me any more. But that’s not why I’m excited. I have a new baby, and I can’t wait to raise it. Shhhhh. This is secret squirrelContinue reading “Seriously Whimsical or Whimsically Serious”

About Sharing and Goals

Last Fall my life changed! Again!¬† It shouldn’t have, but it did. I took a class* that opened a door to a world of possibilities. They were always there, but I hadn’t even noticed the room I was in had doors. Voil√†! The world is suddenly more than the little box I’d always imagined itContinue reading “About Sharing and Goals”


I’m Diana Hume, this is my exploration, through art, of the fascinating planet we live on. You are most welcome to come along on my journey. I’m transitioning between this website’s focus on Lushes with Brushes and a focus on Diana Hume Fine Art. Please bear with me while I make the change.