Artemis Moon

Artemis Moon

Artemis Moon

A nebula is a sort of star generator. Orion’s nebula, located just beyond the constellation Orion, is one of the most beautiful and colourful. The nebula is painted as a triptych to give some sense of its immensity.

This painting is mostly about the beauty of the cosmos as represented by the nebula, though the story of the Orion constellation is how we humans sometimes try to understand our universe. Apollo, jealous of the time Orion spent with his twin, Artemis, arranged to have Orion stung by a scorpion. Artemis intervened causing both Orion and the scorpion to become constellations. Orion hunts eternally, his punishment/reward for befriending the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.

We humans are self-centred. But when we consider the vastness of space we get some sense of how small our role is.

Artemis/Diana, the artist’s namesake goddess, is the Greek goddess of the moon, who watches over maidens as well as her friend, Orion. In these paintings she is independent of, yet somewhat watchful of, her friend.

On a more personal level a small part of me also likes the idea of a story connected to brother and sister twins. It makes me think a little of my own brother, Life, who though not my twin, was born on the same day as me. Like Apollo and Artemis we were a little yin/yang simply because we were Life/Di. It gives me a warm feeling to include some good thoughts about him and the rest of my late family members.

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