about Ice Queen

This painting is about the magic of hoarfrost. Some very cold winter mornings you get up to find an already wintry world has become completely blanketed with a powdery white layer. The frost shimmers and shines as the sun dances on the crystalline deposits coating the trees and bushes. For a while we live in a dazzling crystal world.

In the Hans Christian Andersen tale of the Snow Queen two best friends, Kay and Gerda are separated when a shard from a magical mirror falls to earth and lodges in Kay’s heart. He sees everything as bad and ugly, and follows the evil snow queen to her frozen North Pole castle, forgetting about his family and his friend. But Gerda overcomes many ordeals to find him and when she does, her tears melt the mirror shard from his heart. They are reunited and he experiences beauty and love once again.

My snow/ice queen is not so evil, and the winter she brings is not ugly and hateful. Her frozen breath brings the clean white magic of hoarfrost suddenly materializing to coat every available surface with a beautiful powdery white icing sugar blanket. It’s about the beauty in the frozen world that assaults your senses and takes your breath away. “Ice Queen” suggests the quiet stillness in the sudden appearance of hoarfrost on the trees.

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