about HooDoo Giant

Hoodoos are natural geological formations. A column of soft eroding rock is capped by less easily eroded stone. They’re found in earth’s badlands, including Drumheller, AB, where my husband grew up.

The Europeans named them Hoodoos, which refers to a form of folk magic. Hoodoo is similar to Voodoo, but is Christian. The goal of hoodoo is to access the supernatural to improve life. In some Cree and Blackfoot legends these formations were petrified giants who came alive at night to throw rocks at intruders and protect the valley.

Personal note: On my first trip to Drumheller to meet my husband’s family we drove past these hoo doos. I had no forewarning that they even existed. “Wow!” say I in amazement, “Look at that!!” My husband with his eyes on the road, and immunity bred of familiarity, replies, “ I know! They’ve built a new highway!”

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about Catch Me

Traditionally leprechauns are little Irish elves who guard a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s said if you catch one, the leprechaun will give you his pot of gold in return for his freedom. But, they are tricky mischievous things and you can’t take your eyes off them, even for a second, or he will disappear. This wee leprechaun peeks out from behind the rainbow curtain, which conceals his pot-o-gold and, as is typical, taunts anyone who dares claim his pot of gold. We somehow love the fun of believing in leprechauns and lottery tickets!

Chasing rainbows matters.

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