About Sharing and Goals

Last Fall my life changed! Again!  It shouldn’t have, but it did. I took a class* that opened a door to a world of possibilities. They were always there, but I hadn’t even noticed the room I was in had doors. Voilà! The world is suddenly more than the little box I’d always imagined it to be.

The life lesson was this: You need to define your goals.

What? Really? Imagine not realizing that in order to move toward a goal you actually need to know what the goal is!

Over the course of the class I tentatively put 7 goals/affirmations out to the Universe. I treated them as if they were already positively true, and by doing so my world has changed.

The 7th affirmation I wrote was this: “I can’t wait to share my art.”


The fact of the matter is, that was always true. I’ve always wanted to share my art. What’s harder to accept is that there are people who want to share it with me.

Yesterday, my friend Cheryl, phoned to let me know she’d been contacted by an art gallery who would like to exhibit our artwork for 6 weeks in the spring. WooHoo! I’m thrilled!

Without all the steps in between, this seems like magic:

“Dear Universe: I’d like to have X.

Dear Diana: OK”

The fact is, Cheryl and I worked very hard to get enough artwork done to begin submitting proposals. We also worked very hard to put proposal packages together to submit to galleries. But we had a goal.

Knowing what my goal was enabled me to take steps toward it. If it seems pretty simple, that’s because it is.

And now Dear Universe: Thank you for listening, but listen, I have another favour…”

Artemis Moon
Artemis Moon

P.S. It seems this post left unanswered questions so I’m adding this post script. I know, I know. Normally the things I write make complete sense!

“Phenomenal Reality” is a body of artwork by my friend and fellow artist, Cheryl Andrist, and me. Briefly these works are based on our  musings about natural phenomena and the mythologies connected to them.

Cheryl’s work concentrates on the sun in it’s many aspects. Mine has a more literal connection to myths. I know, you’re all surprized.

I promise to blog about the show in more detail later. In the meantime, some of my artwork from the show is posted in the sidebar ————>  (I think. I’m a bit of a novice at this blogging stuff)

Our first exhibition will be at the  Allie Griffin Art Gallery in Weyburn for 6 weeks  in April/May 2011.


*Blast Off with Alyson Stanfield


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An Artist living in Creelman, Saskatchewan. Mythology of all cultures fascinates me.

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