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Sublime MC Cool J

Frost is a natural phenomenon that Canadians are quite familiar with. Air saturated with water vapour freezes into intricate patterns on contact with frigid surfaces. The scientific term for this is sublimation. The days of waking up in the morning to windows covered in Jack Frost’s ice paintings happen less and less owing to better insulation in modern windows.

I have fond memories of sharing a room with my big sister, and opening my eyes in the morning to contemplate frost patterns on the windows.

This window frame, with some wonderful coloured glass, came from my family homestead, framing the artwork in both time and space. The sight of the frosted windows, perhaps unreasonably, gives me a warm feeling of being held by my family.

In very little time we’ve moved from a world of Laura Ingles Wilder to the land of the Jetsons. But that is as it should be. I am more than happy to live where I do and when I do, somewhere between what’s old and what’s new.

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Seriously Whimsical or Whimsically Serious

I’m excited. My “Phenomenal Reality” project has grown up and moved out of the house. It’s living it’s own life; seeing new people and places. It doesn’t really need me any more.

But that’s not why I’m excited. I have a new baby, and I can’t wait to raise it.

Secret Squirrel & Morocco Mole

Secret Squirrel (Patrick Owlsey)

Shhhhh. This is secret squirrel stuff. We don’t want to give away too many inside secrets.

I’m going to work with paper. Not on paper, with paper. Lumps and piles of soggy paper stuck to 2′ x 2′ ceiling tiles as a 3D relief carving.

The pieces will be modular, each tile can stand alone or attach above, below, or beside another tile to build  larger pieces.

The process involves kitchen blenders, rag paper, fabric scraps, liquid latex, plaster, plastilina , fabric dye, watercolours, & ceiling tiles. Fun stuff, right?

Here’s the surprize. Each piece will incorporate works of fantasy. Surprized? I know, I’m so stepping out of my normal genre!

Here is what I’m thinking. Forest dwellers and abodes. Green men, sprites & elves. You know, all the things normally seen in a forest.

Some elements might repeat or wander through several tiles; leaves, vines, staircases.

I gotta get to the drawing board and get this show started. This is serious stuff (and secret).